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5 Tips to Help Seniors Stay Physically Active as They Age

Regular physical activity is the best way to prolong the lifespan and protect against chronic and acute diseases like stroke and heart attack. If you have a loved one who is aging and you’d like to make sure they stay physically active, here are a few great tips from Halikierra Home Care Service that are sure to help!

1. Encourage A New, Active Hobby

Seniors are always looking for new things to do. Encourage your senior to take up a new, active hobby! Some great ideas include:

– Joining a walking group
– Taking up a game like billiards or ping-pong
– Gardening or light landscaping work
– Walking dogs — seniors can even earn some extra cash by doing this!

Any hobby that gets a senior moving and active is a great choice.

2. Do Things Together

Seniors are excited by spending time with their loved ones! Many seniors suffer from loneliness, especially if they are in group homes or assisted living.

So, do things with your loved one. Even just taking a walk in the park, or going shopping with an elderly loved one is a great way to get them on their feet, and improve their mood!

3. Get Them Involved In Group Exercise Classes

Local YMCAs and other gyms often have discounted memberships for seniors, and offer group fitness classes tailored specifically for aging adults. From water exercise to yoga and Pilates, there are plenty of opportunities for your aging senior to become active and take up a new hobby.

4. Look For Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is a great way for seniors to stay active, and make the most of their free time. You could suggest volunteering at a soup kitchen, food pantry, or homeless shelter. This is also a great way for you to spend time with your aging loved one because you can volunteer together!

5. Don’t Overdo It

Seniors should get about a half-hour of exercise, 4-5 days a week. Healthier seniors can do more activities, but it’s still important to take time off to allow for a full recovery.

Encourage An Active Lifestyle With These Tips!

Whether your aging loved one is being helped by Halikierra Home Care Service, or is still independent and living on their own, these 5 tips are sure to help you keep them active and healthy.

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