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How Companion Care Can Help Your Loved Ones Live with Dignity, Safety and Good Health

You may be worried about one of your loved ones when old age takes a toll on their health and autonomy, making it difficult for them take care of themselves on a daily basis. This may not always be possible for you to be physically present to attend to their needs due to work, distance or children who need attention. Senior companion care can be a great solution to your woes and can give the physical and emotional support your older, loved ones will need at the frail point of their lives.

If you are considering hiring a senior companion caregiver, it’s imperative that you ascertain the kind of care and assistance required, the number of hours of assistance required and if there needs to be medical expertise available in taking care of your loved one.

If the person is more or less independent and only requires some company (reading, knitting, watching TV, playing board games, strolling, yoga) and safety (making sure the gates are locked, the stove is turned off, etc.), then a companion caregiver is the best fit for you.

In case your loved needs around the clock assistance, or more intensive care, the care taking schedule is going to require more than 40 hours per week. You’ll also be required to budget an extra 1.5 times the standard pay to factor in for overtime. You may also consider hiring a team of caregivers to keep it below the overtime threshold and to make sure they are taken care of around the clock.

Hiring a great senior companion caregiver can result in:

Better Health

Although senior companion care is not meant as a replacement for home health care service, they can help maintain robust health by way of ensuring proper nutrition, strict medication schedule, and some light physical exercises that can go a long way in contributing to the health and well-being of your loved one. It may be especially handy when the person has undergone a major surgery like a knee replacement surgery. Studies have proved that daily mental engagement and stimulation can also prevent or delay dementia.

Better Quality of Life

Isolation is one of the main woes that come with old age and it can take a toll on their physical and mental health. They can make your loved ones’ lives more manageable, interesting and help them live their life with dignity. Some of the activities a senior companion care worker can assist with include:

  • Paying bills
  • Taking phone calls
  • Maintaining a medication schedule
  • Strolling and light exercise together
  • Preparing meals
  • Ensuring safety
  • Shopping
  • Light household help
  • Conversing, reading together
  • Arranging transportation
  • Recreational activities together
  • Keeping the family members informed

Care and Companionship can be crucial in helping your loved ones maintain good physical and emotional health and will allow them to live with dignity. Simply talking and laughing together could do wonders for your seniors to brighten up their twilight years.

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